Why Singapore is One of the Best Places for Your Startup: A Comprehensive Guide with BELANS

The vision of the Lion City has awakened now more than ever as one of the world's leading destinations for global business, given its strategic location, strong economy, and a policy environment always one step ahead. Indeed, for every startup with sights set on the Asian market, Singapore is more of an indispensable strategic decision than an option.
BELANS, as a critical actor in the demystification of business creation, gives us invaluable insight into the supporting ecosystem of the entrepreneur. A location that effectively connects East and West, Singapore offers an incomparable entry to the markets of the emerging giants in Asia, supported by the best infrastructure and digital connectivity, making it an ideal home for startups with aspirations to reach a global level.

The hand of government in Singapore is pro-business, and its tax rates are favourable. BELANS complements this ecosystem to further streamline the startup process from registration to compliance, ensuring startups find all the help they need to take off in one place.
Singapore_vs_ Dubai

Secured Legal and Intellectual Property System

Singapore has some of the most challenging intellectual property rules safeguarding innovation rights. Therefore, startups can operate confidently in Singapore. Clear and compelling laws provide an enabling environment for development through business and innovation.

Quality Workforce Pool

Through its most skilled workforce in the world, top-notch education, and talent attraction policies, Singapore gives start-ups a chance to build strong, diverse teams. This capability allows start-ups to innovate and grow.

A Flourishing Startup Ecosystem

Singapore's startup ecosystem is alive with accelerators, incubators, and venture capital firms. In this collaborative environment, growth is the only destiny for startups as it helps with networks and opportunities to get going.

Quality of Life

Singapore is home to a world-class quality of life, possessing strong ratings for safety, cleanliness, and health. This makes it a lovely venue for the entrepreneur, not only for business but also for the family, so they are motivated to provide an environment in business.

Unlocking Business Potential with BELANS

BELANS is the first point of corporate consultancy, making it possible for businesses to find their way in the dynamic Singapore market. With a set of services designed for startups, BELANS ensures every aspect of your business is most efficiently taken care of so that growth and innovation can be your focus.
  • 1
    Singapore Company Registration and Deregistration:
    Formation and other associated services concerning the Singapore law for the formation of companies.
  • 2
    Corporate Tax Filing and GST Services:
    Ensuring proper filing and regulations of local tax.
  • 3
    Payroll Management:
    Ensuring proper and timely rem of the staff and the employees.
  • 4
    Registered Office Address:
    Exclusive premium office locations that complement your corporate image.
  • 5
    Nominee Director Services:
    Directors with solid banking and financial backgrounds for regulatory requirements.
  • 6
    Corporate Secretary Services:
    Providing a comprehensive list of services a corporate secretary requires.
  • 7
    Banking Assistance:
    Compiling a solid case for the bank.
  • 8
    Accounting and Bookkeeping:
    Keeping compliant and tidy financial records.
  • 9
    Employment Pass Services:
     Assisting in local immigration to get employment passes for your team.
Choosing BELANS would mean getting a team that values integrity, professionalism, and excellence above everything. With a deep understanding of local and global business landscapes, BELANS emerges as your strategic partner in the journey of success in Singapore and beyond.

Ready to explore the potential of your start-up in one of the world's friendliest business environments?
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