Choosing Between Singapore and Dubai: A bullet point comparison

When it comes to selecting an international destination for residence, two cities often come to mind: Singapore and Dubai. Both offer unique advantages, but they cater to different preferences. In this comprehensive comparison, we delve into the key differences between these international wealth hubs to help you make an informed decision.
Singapore_vs_ Dubai

  1. Residence Process

  • Singapore
    • Complex and rigorous process but doable with the right navigation.
    • Requires opening a company, obtaining an employment pass, and having a local nominee director.
    • Long processing time, ranging from 6 to 12 months.
    • Permanent residency (PR) available but with strict criteria, including tax payments and quotas.
    • Singaporean citizenship is even more challenging to obtain, no dual citizenship is permitted.
  • Dubai
    • Streamlined and straightforward residence process.
    • Involves starting a company and obtaining a visa, which takes less than a month.
    • No stringent degree or investment requirements.
    • Option to obtain residency through property investment.
    • Gaining citizenship in Dubai remains a challenge, depending on royal family acceptance.

2. Nature Integration

  • Singapore
    • Exemplary integration of nature into the city.
    • Abundant green spaces and parks.
    • Iconic landmarks like Gardens by the Bay.
    • Nature complements the urban landscape, providing a refreshing environment.
  • Dubai
    • Developing plans to integrate nature into the city.
    • Currently more desert-focused.
    • Ambitious 2040 plan aims to enhance green spaces.
    • Potential for future transformation.

3. Traffic and Congestion

  • Singapore
    • Limited traffic congestion.
    • High car ownership costs, including permits.
    • Efficient public transport system.
    • Structured society with strict traffic regulations.
  • Dubai
    • Traffic congestion can be a challenge.
    • More affordable car ownership.
    • Extensive road network.
    • Speedy growth in vehicle numbers.

4. The Power of Money

  • Singapore
    • Building relationships and connections is essential.
    • Money alone may not ease bureaucratic processes.
    • Emphasis on networking and trust-building.
  • Dubai
    • Money can simplify various procedures.
    • «Pay-to-ease» approach is prevalent.
    • Access to services, including banking, can be facilitated with financial incentives.

5. Nightlife and Entertainment

  • Singapore
    • Relatively quiet nightlife.
    • Limited late-night activities.
    • Suitable for those seeking a serene lifestyle.
  • Dubai
    • Vibrant nightlife with diverse options.
    • Clubs, lounges, beach bars, and parties.
    • Ideal for those who enjoy an active social scene.


In summary, Singapore and Dubai offer distinct living experiences. Singapore boasts a structured and peaceful environment, while Dubai is known for its luxury and convenience. The choice ultimately depends on individual preferences, with some favouring Singapore's tranquillity and others opting for Dubai's dynamic lifestyle. Both cities have their merits, making a combination of the two an enticing prospect for those seeking the best of both worlds.