From Company Registration to Tax Filing. Maximise Your Business Potential in Hong Kong: A Comprehensive Guide and Strategic Insights with BELANS' Services

Right in the heart of Asia, at the confluence of East with West, Hong Kong emerges as a shining beacon of business opportunity and financial muscle. Known as the "Pearl of the Orient," this bustling city is considered more than the beauty of the skyline; it is recognised around the globe as a financial and business centre. Its strategic location is the best gateway to the limitless Asian market, especially China.
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Why Choose Hong Kong?

There is no doubt that Hong Kong attracts businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide. A robust legal system with the common law at its centre, a low-tax regime, and a world-class infrastructure breeds the perfect mix for business growth and innovation. With a first HK$2M (approximately USD255K) of net profit, tax is chargeable at 8.25%, and 16.5% on everything above that. An outstanding 0% on income derived outside Hong Kong while meeting certain criteria. The city offers a tax-efficient platform for businesses. Furthermore, with no VAT and capital gains tax, Hong Kong solidifies its stronghold as an investment or business destination locale that taxes the least.

BELANS is at the forefront of leveraging Hong Kong's unique benefits to drive growth and profitability for enterprises. With solid knowledge of the region's liberal business culture and flexible tax climate, BELANS provides a comprehensive suite of services to meet all your business needs, from establishment to business development and expansion into Hong Kong and beyond.

BELANS ensures a comprehensive solution for business establishment and management in Hong Kong through a wide-ranging service offering designed to meet its customers' needs. From Hong Kong company registration to premium registered office addresses in the most prestigious Grade A locations, BELANS positions your business for success from day one.

BELANS Hong Kong Services

1. Hong Kong Company Registration:

BELANS eases entry into Hong Kong's dynamic market with seamless business establishment solutions. This service is essential for business enterprises, primarily when the organisation seeks to obtain access to the Asian markets, where the path to incorporation is easy.

2. Premium Registered Office Address:

Enhance the brand prestige of your clients with an office location at Grade A, in the heart of Hong Kong. Such prestigious addresses greatly enhance a business's image and credibility.

3. Local Communication Solutions:

BELANS can deploy a dedicated Hong Kong phone number to facilitate engagement with local customers. This service assures businesses that they have the means to maintain a strong regional presence.

4. Business Mail Handling:

The company offers professional correspondence management, ensuring confidentiality and efficiency. Therefore, The service is indispensable for every severe business requiring privacy and timely communication.

5. Transparent Audit Reporting:

BELANS offers business clients comprehensive auditing services that help them meet compliance and transparency requirements according to Hong Kong standards. This is essential for both compliance upkeep and trust.

6. Expert Filing of Corporate Tax:

BELANS arranges the tax landscape of Hong Kong in an orderly manner to ensure the benefit of compliance. It helps businesses reduce their tax liabilities within the provisions of the law.

7. Offshore Profits Tax Exemption Guidance:

Support and guidelines to get the benefit of exemption of offshore profits to get the maximum profitability for businesses operating at an international level.

8. Banking Made Easy:

Support in opening Hong Kong and China mainland accounts facilitates easier banking. This service is priceless for businesses that need smooth financial operations across borders.

9. Pristine Accounting and Bookkeeping:

Offering excellent fiscal management and record-keeping, including all the operational aspects, in line with local requirements to let businesses focus on growth without exposure to non-compliance.

Why BELANS in Hong Kong?

BELANS is a service provider and a partner in building long-term client relationships. We combine local insight with international expertise to ensure business is brought onto the stage in Hong Kong and flourishes across Asia and the world.

Benefits of working with BELANS

  • 1
    Strategic Location:
    Hong Kong is the gateway to Asia, especially China, with an unrivalled open entry of large markets. BELANS takes advantage of this strategic location for all businesses.
  • 2
    Tax Efficiency:
    BELANS would enable the enormous tax burden to be substantially reduced and, as such, is an expert in the country's low-tax regime and offshore profit tax exemptions.
  • 3
    Legal and Business Environment:
    Hong Kong's state-of-the-art infrastructure and robust legal system make It the best place to do business. BELANS assures its clients of emerging ahead in such an environment as it is well-equipped with the necessary local insights and international experience.
  • 4
    Comprehensive Support:
    From company registration to tax planning and banking solutions, BELANS provides a one-stop service on all matters related to business in Hong Kong. This ensures ease in operations and, hence, growth.
  • 5
    Local Insights, Global Expertise:
    BELANS fuses deep in-country experience and knowledge with the best global insight and experience to offer business solutions that marry local insight to an international mindset. This combination assures businesses can navigate optimally in the maze of local complexities while maintaining a global outlook.
BELANS offers a full-range series of services designed to bring success while remaining in Hong Kong.

Leverage HK's unique advantages with BELANS, which possesses the knowledge and provides the full range of business support services designed to facilitate businesses to get a fast, economical, and low-risk entry to set up in HK or expand their business in Asia.
Contact BELANS today to learn how we can make your business dreams a reality throughout Asia and beyond.